the most comprehensive guide specifically for Youtubers who want to get paid to collaborate with brands!

the vlogger pitch kit

and you’ve scored some free product here and there…

but free product doesn’t pay the bills. Am I right or AM I RIGHT?

You know your content is fire 🔥

I had been on both sides of the deal: as a creator pitching for collabs, and as part of the company receiving the pitches.

My takeaway: I am done watching talented, skilled, overworked creatives like you promote products on your channel for nothing but a free water bottle, because you lack the simple skills necessary to own your art and PITCH to brands. 

...So I am teaching you those skills! 

after 4 years on youtube &
2 years in corporate marketing...

introducing pitch kit


PITCH KIT WAS MADE FOR YOU IF you’ve ever heard yourself say the words


*but* you still don’t know the steps to take to actually make that a reality! Most online business courses and coaches do *not* understand the unique needs (and the unique opportunities!) available to YouTubers like you.

I do. 

I know what it’s like to spend 6 hours filming and 14 hours editing a video in exchange for a “free” tour… only to finish up (exhausted!) and look back and realize IT TOTALLY WAS NOT FREE. 

My time, my resources, my subscriptions, my gear, my travel = my expense.  My art is not “free” for me to create. I know yours isn’t either!

So I want you to stop doing it in exchange for a t-shirt, OK? 😎

You don’t have to quit doing what you love...but it’s a lot easier to devote your life to what you love if you can also get P A I DDDDDD!

And I promise you, it’s simpler than you think! 

Pitch Kit is the COMPREHENSIVE guide to the *full process* of

laying the foundation for killer content,
   understanding your value as a creator,
     finding collaborations,
       deciding what to actually charge,
         negotiating terms like a pro, 
            securing long-term contracts, 
          integrating ads into your content, 
and mastering the business side of invoicing and payments!

the business side of being a vlogger...all in one place

And so, so much MORE!

Here's some of the awesome peeps I've worked with...

I'm the creator of the Cutest Travel & Food Show at 430,000 subscribers and 45 million views. I went from exchanging HOURS of work for a free product to now signing 5-figure contracts worth more than a YEAR'S salary at my 9-5 job.

Today I coach creatives like you to build their online video empire and make MONEY (lots of it) doing what they love!

hi I'm TJ, your youtube mama

Meet your instructor

Without realizing are probably sending money away from you. The people who believe they deserve money become the people who not only know how to ask for it, but are WILLING to negotiate for what they deserve. In this module, we put first things first by transforming your relationship with MONEY: break down your “broke artist” self image for good! You will also learn to set money goals effectively and track your progress!

Module 1

The Broke Artist Breakdown

Module 2


Here you will set the foundation that must be in place before you pitch to brands: get crystal clear on your niche and your elevator pitch, learn how to make intros and what to say when you are pitching! This module includes a DONE FOR YOU media kit template (must-have!) and teaches you the terminology necessary to make a confident pitch!

Module 3


In this module, you will learn the exact language I use to communicate the *value* of my pitch and make it irresistible in Pitch Perfect Emails. You’ll also get the advanced (nitty gritty!) details to answer *all* your questions about the TYPES of pitches: the specifics of how to pitch for sponsored hotel stays, how to pitch for sponsored tours, how to pitch for product exchanges, and more. You will never have to wonder how to adjust your pitch for a specific situation, because the answers are all here. 

Module 4


Holllllaaaaa. Here’s what you need to know when someone contacts YOU:

X How to know if you should accept a partnership!
X Red flags and when *not* to work with someone
X How to ASK for payment when it hasn’t been offered
(bonus email scripts provided!)

Module 5


A Pitch Perfect Email doesn’t get you anywhere if you’re sending it to the wrong person! This is the juiciest module of them all, where you’ll learn my secrets for finding brands who PAY creators, AND how to get on the list at PR agencies. I’m also letting you in on my 3 tricks for finding and connecting to the RIGHT contacts inside the company so that your pitch doesn’t get lost in the inbox of some random person! You’re welcome. 🤟

X Includes email scripts and DM scripts so you know HOW to address PR agencies and exactly HOW to introduce yourself to a Marketing Manager in the DMs. I also teach you what to do BEFORE you reach out so that you don’t get ignored!

Module 6


Oh this one is juciy and oh-so-secretive...

You're going to want to get in on THIS one...

Learn my 5 figures negotiation tactic. Yes, you read that right.

Module 7


Now you are ready to ACCEPT and EXECUTE a deal like a pro. I am teaching you what to look for in your contract - make sure you know this so it doesn't bite you in the butt later! Plus all the logistics for how to accept payments. Then you will learn how to script your videos to include brand integrations, and how to turn a one-off deal into a long-term contract! We will also cover must-know items like how to set boundaries when clients want more than they paid for, and how to use your old collaborations to help you score new ones!

Literally, everything you need is in here. Plus:

 5 plug-and-play templates

   17 done-for-you email pitch scripts

  12 BONUS Instagram DM scripts  

for all the business goodies a creator needs (invoice, rate sheet, plus your media kit, done!)

to secure things like product exchanges, sponsored videos, sponsored tours, sponsored hotel stays!

to get RESPONSES, get featured, and get the right connections to your DREAM brands.

Ready to go from feeling played to being paid?
It’s all here in Pitch Kit: 

here are results students are getting...

will this course work for INSTAGRAM & TIKTOK too?
see for yourself ;)

Ready to go from pitch to paid?

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insane return on investment

Almost everything in life can be learned for free on YouTube...except for how to confidently and successfully pitch to brands as a YouTuber. 🤣 Honestly, the skills and techniques in Pitch Kit are things that I haven’t seen compiled anywhere else. You are going to have all the information you need, combined with instructions so that you won’t just know *what* to do, you’ll know when to do it and how to do it. I learned all this the hard way so you don’t have to! 

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I am teaching you the exact steps I took to make more money with *one brand partnership* than I earned in a YEAR at my 9 to 5. I am here not just to outline the steps you need to take, but to give you the mindset shifts required in order to keep moving forward. I cannot guarantee any specific result, but if the deeper question you are asking is “Is it REALLY possible to make money as a vlogger??'' Then the answer is YAAAASSSSSS and I am showing you how. [Get in here!]

will this work for me?

What if I have a small following?

Will PITCH KIT *still* work for me?

YES, AND you have an advantage: many brands prefer to work with micro influencers now, and that trend is expected to continue! How you position yourself early on in your career as a Content Creator is pivotal to your growth. If you don’t know how to position’re about to learn!
[Get Pitch Kit]

Will I have access to TJ? 

Pitch Kit is a self-study course, and you will have all the information you need to pitch to brands and get paid for collaborations! If you love Pitch Kit and you want more of a mentorship experience with your YouTube Mama, Pitch Kit students have the opportunity to get my signature group program, Vlogger Academy, at a special rate.

questions about pitch kit? Here's the answer:

Will this approach work on other platforms?

The skills and techniques you learn in Pitch Kit can be applied to other platforms as well. This is why my students are scoring paid deals across Intagram, TikTok AND YouTube. They're on FIRE!

why not me?

Why are all these other people getting brand deals, and you’re not?

You are willing to do what it takes to grow your channel and to make money as a creator...

but you DON’T KNOW what it takes! 

X you don’t know the exact steps to take, 
X you don’t know who to contact, how to contact them and when, 
X you don’t know what to say when you reach out to them,
X and you don’t know what foundation needs to be in place BEFORE you even pitch! 

So I know exactly how frustrating it is to be in your position, and trust me: 

There IS a method to scoring paid collabs as a Vlogger, and I outlined all of it in Pitch Kit. 

If you’ve been pulling your hair out wondering what some other vlogger’s “secret” is, you’re about to have all the tips and tricks and THEN some. 😎

And so, so much MORE!

35+ video training
17 proven EMAIL scripts
5 BIZ templates