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Hi i'm tj!

But HOLD ON...I didn’t always have the creative business, the clients, the millions of views (and the cats…)

A few years ago I was working a 5-10. Yes, you read that right 5AM to 10PM… how is that even a thing?!

I would jump into meetings at 5AM (they took place on Asia time), leave the office at 6PM and then check into a co-working space right after to work on a consulting biz. Sounds awful right?

i'm a
vlogger, actor, coach & crazy cat lady

I finally listened to it.

And in 2016, I quit my job, packed my entire life into a backpack and carry-on suitcase and I set out to travel the world.

The goal?

To create a life outside the office and live an extraordinary life.

I always had this inkling that something didn’t feel right…

You know, that feeling deep in your gut telling you you were meant for something else?

Something more?

I didn’t know it was awful at the time. I honestly thought it was all SO great. Great company, great pay, a “real job.”


Here’s the thing:

Deep down I knew I could create viral-worthy content, grow an audience that loves what I do, and become a financially stable creator.

I knew I was meant to be a thriving artist.

Staying stuck was simply not an option.

So, I rolled up my sleeves, learned how to create a high converting content, and mastered the art of getting paid for my passions.

X   Spending DAYS editing a video and thinking it was going to perform well only to have it get little views

X   Exchanging videos for “free” products or experiences but completely discrediting the amount of time I actually spent to create the videos
X   Constantly trying to film and pump out videos without a strategy. I was stuck in a constant content grind and didn’t think there was a better way to do things.

X   Not to mention making the bare minimum as a freelancer and content creator. I felt very much like a starving artist.

And while the photos and videos were glamorous, the behind the scenes were nothing of the sort. I had no magical beans to grow my stalks overnight.

Because when I first started on Youtube I was...

I documented it all on Youtube.

✔️Have traveled to 45+ countries - From the mountains of Peru to the streets of India, from the night markets of Thailand to the canals of Amsterdam.

✔️Produce and host my OWN travel & food show at 400K subscribers and 42 MILLION views.

✔️Have a combined following of half a million peeps around the world!

✔️Work with DREAM brands signing 4-5 figure contracts.

✔️Am my own badass b*tch boss running my 6-figure creative business.

today I:

Through my years of experience and trial and errors, I now coach creatives to build their own online empire and make money doing what they love.

It is the most fulfilling job to help people see their potential, grow into their confidence, and become the thriving artists they were meant to be.

I teach from experience (lots of it)!

It’s absolutely true.

Creativity is now my norm and I want it to be yours too.

“choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life?”

You know that quote:

Q. Where do you live?
     A. The Big Apple
Q. What is your all time favorite movie?
     A. Lord of the Rings
Q. Favorite morning beverage
     A. Vanilla iced latte with oat milk
Q. Morning or night?
     A. Night - for sure! In fact, I’m probably typing this at 2AM...

Q. Favorite food?
     A. Anything noodles!
Q. What is your favourite show?
     A. Rick and Morty
Q. What is your favorite color?
     A. Pink
Q. What is your favourite thing to do to unwind?
     A. Hanging out with my cats Sesame & Mochi

Fun Facts About Me:

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